The Company

Who are Springwire?

Springwire is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spring and music wire. We manufacture LETAB wire, a product valued by spring manufacturers around the world for its excellent properties.

All manufacturing is performed in accordance with stringent quality standards. Springwire was one of the first companies in Sweden to be certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001:2008. This is naturally something that we take great pride in. At Springwire, we combine old and new, tradition and innovation, and craftsmanship and modern technology. Springwire’s experienced and skilled employees ensure that you receive the spring or music wire that best suits your needs. We can customise products to suit most requests. Our wire is manufactured from specially selected raw materials sourced from the market’s best suppliers.

Steady growth

We are flexible and efficient and demonstrate a deep commitment in everything we do. Regular and close contact with our customers ensures a personal service, while short decision paths mean a prompt solution to customers’ problems. Quality assurance, sound management and reliable deliveries all help to make LETAB wire one of the most popular products on the market. Springwire is experiencing steady growth, with both production and sales having doubled since operations began. We have been a part of the Berg Group since 1991.


From harrow tines to components for ski bindings

Opens doors

Excellent strength combined with good machinability is important when manufacturing garage door springs, for example. Behind every good door spring is an equally good wire supplier.

Good night, sweet dreams

Some things have to stand the test of time. Bedding and seating wire from Springwire is used in products such as sprung mattresses and can withstand everyday use.

Good fishing

It’s not just luck and skill that ensure a successful fishing trip, a lot depends on the hook you use too. Springwire also manufactures wire for fish hooks.