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The iron age

Springwire is Scandinavia´s leading manufacturer of top-quality, colddrawn spring wire with high carbon content. Letab music wire, which is the common name for our products, is known the world over and is used for many different types of springs.

We chose our location in Lesjöfors in the heart of Bergslagen region for one good reason: this is where the natural conditions for working iron - rock, timber and hydropower are found.

Industrial iron production started here in Eastern Värmland back in the 16th century. Finnish immigrants turned their hand to the hard and complicated task of producing pig iron. A blast furnace was installed in the mid 17th century at Dalkarlssjön, which later developed into Lesjöfors ironworks.

Industrial tradition

With a history dating back more than 350 years, Lesjöfors is one of Swedens classic industrial sites. The works were owned by three families: Pihl-Mullberg, Ekman and De Geer.

It was the most dynamic of the owners, Gustaf Ekman, who in the first half of the 19th century changed the hammer mill into a steelworks. He was also responsible for its expansion to finished and semi-finished products, such as files and steel wire.

The first wire was drawn in Lesjöfors in 1849. At this time, wire was initially formed into cables for use in ski lifts and ex-cavators, for example, the Lesjöfors works started manufacturing steel springs, the product for which the majority of Springwire´s materials are used today.